Hello world!

As is customary in programming/technology in general, the first thing you create is a Hello World statement. According to Wikipedia, the first Hello World was an example written in the C Programming Language paper, where the first example was:

     printf("Hello, world\n");

My intention in creating this blog is twofold: to improve my communication skills, and to be actively engaged in my future career field. I attended a networking night involving alumni from UMass and when asked about the skill that was missing the most from the young workforce, they answered: communication. As one alum put it, “The technology guys know what they’re talking about and are smart, but you need to be able to relay that information to everyone else in the group.” I hope that by maintaining a blog I’ll be able to communicate ideas about programming and technology in a way that a 5th grader could understand. This point also segways into the other reason why I created this blog: to immerse myself within the field. How does an aspiring young professional show to potential employers that they’re involved within the field when they haven’t gotten an internship or job? The answer is simple: staying up to date on the latest news within your field, and contributing to the general knowledge. By creating this blog, I want to be able to share the knowledge I know and really show that I’m confident in my abilities in this field.

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